Google on Hwb is Coming This Month

Welcome to the new school year! Hopefully everyone’s enjoyed the summer break and that first early morning alarm wasn’t too much of a shock! A week into the new term, and I’ve had three teachers message me asking “When is Google going to appear on Hwb then?” Well, we finally have a confirmed date – … Read more

Google on Hwb

If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know I’m a big fan of using G Suite for Education in class. G Suite (or Google Apps as they used to be known) is a collection of apps and software that can be used on any device to type, present, make maps and graphs and a million other … Read more

Make the Web Welsh

This is a Welsh language post explaining how to change Chrome’s settings so that it automatically opens the Welsh version of any website that has such a version.  Mae nifer o wefannau gyda fersiwn Gymraeg, ond pa mor aml ych chi yn sylwi? Mae bron pob gwefan dwyieithog yn agor fel y fersiwn Saesneg, ac … Read more

Botio: Ap Codio yn y Gymraeg

This post is about a Welsh language coding app called Botio. Ychydig iawn o apiau Cymraeg sydd ar gael, yn enwedig i blant Cyfnod Allweddol 2. Mae cael technoleg gyfoes yn y Gymraeg yn hanfodol bwysig (dwi’n edrych ymlaen at weld gwasanaethau G Suite for Education yn y Gymraeg ar Hwb erbyn y Pasg). Os … Read more