Google on Hwb is Coming This Month

Welcome to the new school year! Hopefully everyone’s enjoyed the summer break and that first early morning alarm wasn’t too much of a shock! A week into the new term, and I’ve had three teachers message me asking “When is Google going to appear on Hwb then?” Well, we finally have a confirmed date – … Read more

Google on Hwb

If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know I’m a big fan of using G Suite for Education in class. G Suite (or Google Apps as they used to be known) is a collection of apps and software that can be used on any device to type, present, make maps and graphs and a million other … Read more

Why Should We Buy Chromebooks for Our School?

I recently posted a comparison of some of the most common devices seen in schools: PCs, laptops, Chromebooks and iPads. Today I’ll focus in more detail on my favourite class of devices for schools, Chromebooks. These devices used to be rather niche, but are becoming very popular. In fact, the majority of devices bought by … Read more

New Year Priorities: Leadership

So, 2018 is a weekend or so away, the Christmas turkey and the presents are a distant memory and you’ve probably already fired up the laptop to start getting your head back into ‘work mode’. What’s going to be different in your school this year? What will you focus on improving? We’ve prepared a couple … Read more