First Look at Google on Hwb

As you probably know, G Suite for Education is arriving on Hwb. Some schools are already trialing the new build, and the plan is to roll it nationwide by the new school year. This is something that some of us have been hoping for for years and we’ve got to applaud the Welsh Government and … Read more

Explore the World From Your Class

Take your pupils shark spotting under the waves, fly them to Egypt to gaze at the Pyramids or soar to space to look at our Solar System. Whilst we may wish to be able to give our pupils such learning opportunities, it’s clearly not possible. The next best thing is to let them taste a … Read more

Who Teaches Typing Skills?

For many people, teaching typing skills sounds like a task from a bygone era. It brings up memories of old computers in secondary schools’ ICT suites, of typing classes for receptionists and of old fashioned software guiding you through which finger touches which letter. Most schools these days spend little, if any time, on teaching … Read more

For the Noisy Class

Too Noisy can only be described as a “noise-o-meter”. Set the sensitivity level you want, plug into your interactive white board and witness the noise level in your class drop immediately. As the noise grows, the swingometer goes into the red, the screen turns black and the poor sun, smiling happily just a minute ago, … Read more

The Amazing Sound Sensitive Classroom Noise Alarm

I have just invested in an incredible new piece of technology. With a class that can sometimes forget about keeping its noise level in check, it’s the perfect solution. This is the Amazing Sound Sensitive Classroom Noise Alarm!!  If the pupils start talking at too loud a level, the alarm goes off automatically to remind them to … Read more