Gwneud Maths yn Sbort gyda Sumdog

We’re always on the lookout for websites and software that are effective in boosting learning whilst also helping teachers with their workload. Sumdog is one of those sites! Whether you use the free version or the paid version, pupils play fun, modern maths games that are tailored to their level.

Here’s the basics:

  • Pupils and teachers can access Sumdog through their website or through their free app. Each pupil gets their own account to play at home or at school. Sumdog then tracks how they do and sets questions according to their ability.
  • Every game feels totally different to the pupil, but each one depends on them answering a range of maths questions to win. The questions change every time they play.
  • The free version has a limited number of games, whilst the paid version has many (but the maths remains the same. Schools on the free version don’t lose out on that score).
  • With the paid version, teachers can set contests focusing on a particular skill and get detailed reports of how their pupils are doing.

In our experience, pupils love playing Sumdog and are more than happy to play it during free time, golden time or at home. They barely register the fact that it’s still a form of work. Teachers love the fact that they can just leave it alone and it will continue to set questions that are appropriate for each pupil.

So take a look and try it out.Register for the free version and see how your pupils react to it.

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