Y Larwm Dosbarth Tawel Anghygoel!

I have just invested in an incredible new piece of technology. With a class that can sometimes forget about keeping its noise level in check, it’s the perfect solution.

This is the Amazing Sound Sensitive Classroom Noise Alarm!!
  •  If the pupils start talking at too loud a level, the alarm goes off automatically to remind them to quieten down! It works a treat with my class!
  • I can set it to Silent Lesson, Quiet Lesson or Groupwork Lesson and it amends its sensitivity accordingly!
  • It ignores my voice so won’t go off when I’m presenting!
  • It knows when you’re in a lesson and when it’s tidy up time so won’t go off when you don’t want it to!
  • It has a choice of 42 different alarm songs!
  • It costs less than £10!
Ok, ok, those of you who are observant will already have noticed that it’s actually just a door bell, and here on my desk is the secret doorbell button that I press to set it off when I think the class is too noisy!
 Don’t tell my class though, they are ever so quiet these days!

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