Talu am Padlet

In every training session I host, the very first thing I do is ask teachers to give me three examples of when they used tech succesfully in their class. Instead of going around the room, asking everyone in turn, I direct them towards a Padlet wall and they can all add to it from their … Read more

Yn Nol Mewn Amser

Recently I came across one of the best tools I’ve ever found online, and it’s completely free! The National Library of Scotland has taken modern satellite images and placed old maps over the top. You can select your map (our favourite one is the OS Six Inch 1888-1913), select your area (the whole of Wales … Read more

Gweld y Byd o’ch Dosbarth

Take your pupils shark spotting under the waves, fly them to Egypt to gaze at the Pyramids or soar to space to look at our Solar System. Whilst we may wish to be able to give our pupils such learning opportunities, it’s clearly not possible. The next best thing is to let them taste a … Read more

Pwy Sy’n Dysgu Teipio?

For many people, teaching typing skills sounds like a task from a bygone era. It brings up memories of old computers in secondary schools’ ICT suites, of typing classes for receptionists and of old fashioned software guiding you through which finger touches which letter. Most schools these days spend little, if any time, on teaching … Read more

Y Dosbarth Swnllyd

Too Noisy can only be described as a “noise-o-meter”. Set the sensitivity level you want, plug into your interactive white board and witness the noise level in your class drop immediately. As the noise grows, the swingometer goes into the red, the screen turns black and the poor sun, smiling happily just a minute ago, … Read more

Gwneud Maths yn Sbort gyda Sumdog

We’re always on the lookout for websites and software that are effective in boosting learning whilst also helping teachers with their workload. Sumdog is one of those sites! Whether you use the free version or the paid version, pupils play fun, modern maths games that are tailored to their level. Here’s the basics: Pupils and … Read more

Cloi i App Penodol

If you’ve ever used iPads in your classroom, be it a Nursery classroom, a Year 6 classroom or anything in between, then you will have experienced the frustration of watching pupils switch to a totally different app from the one for which you spent hours planning tasks! Sometimes this is just the natural curiosity of … Read more

Y Larwm Dosbarth Tawel Anghygoel!

I have just invested in an incredible new piece of technology. With a class that can sometimes forget about keeping its noise level in check, it’s the perfect solution. This is the Amazing Sound Sensitive Classroom Noise Alarm!!  If the pupils start talking at too loud a level, the alarm goes off automatically to remind them to … Read more

Toontastic i Ddwyn Coron PuppetPals?

You may be familiar with the PuppetPals app (or the sequel, imaginatively named PuppetPals 2). These apps let you tell your story through animation using a selection of puppets and backgrounds. We are huge fans of the app, and it features in our Key Apps page where you’ll find tips and a video guide. Whilst it’s … Read more