Talu am Padlet

In every training session I host, the very first thing I do is ask teachers to give me three examples of when they used tech succesfully in their class. Instead of going around the room, asking everyone in turn, I direct them towards a Padlet wall and they can all add to it from their … Read more

Yn Nol Mewn Amser

Recently I came across one of the best tools I’ve ever found online, and it’s completely free! The National Library of Scotland has taken modern satellite images and placed old maps over the top. You can select your map (our favourite one is the OS Six Inch 1888-1913), select your area (the whole of Wales … Read more

Google ar Hwb

If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know I’m a big fan of using G Suite for Education in class. G Suite (or Google Apps as they used to be known) is a collection of apps and software that can be used on any device to type, present, make maps and graphs and a million other … Read more

iOS11 – Diwedd Rhai o’m Hoff Apps

Every year, Apple updates the software for iPads and iPhones. The current version, since late last year, is iOS11. This brought a lot of updates and new features, but if you updated your school’s iPads to iOS11, you may have found a lot of apps refusing to work, claiming they need to be updated by … Read more

Newid y We i’r Gymraeg

Mae nifer o wefannau gyda fersiwn Gymraeg, ond pa mor aml ych chi yn sylwi? Mae bron pob gwefan dwyieithog yn agor fel y fersiwn Saesneg, ac mae’n rhaid i chi fynd allan o’ch ffordd i’w newid i’r Gymraeg. Un esiampl boblogaidd ydy Gmail. Os ydych chi yn defnyddio Gmail, ych chi yn gwybod fod … Read more

Pam Prynnu Chromebooks i’r Ysgol?

I recently posted a comparison of some of the most common devices seen in schools: PCs, laptops, Chromebooks and iPads. Today I’ll focus in more detail on my favourite class of devices for schools, Chromebooks. These devices used to be rather niche, but are becoming very popular. In fact, the majority of devices bought by … Read more

Botio: Ap Codio yn y Gymraeg

  Ychydig iawn o apiau Cymraeg sydd ar gael, yn enwedig i blant Cyfnod Allweddol 2. Mae cael technoleg gyfoes yn y Gymraeg yn hanfodol bwysig (dwi’n edrych ymlaen at weld gwasanaethau G Suite for Education yn y Gymraeg ar Hwb erbyn y Pasg). Os oes un agwedd o dechnoleg sydd yn sicr yn gyfoes, … Read more

Adduned Blwyddyn Newydd: Arweinwyr

So, 2018 is a weekend or so away, the Christmas turkey and the presents are a distant memory and you’ve probably already fired up the laptop to start getting your head back into ‘work mode’. What’s going to be different in your school this year? What will you focus on improving? We’ve prepared a couple … Read more